the story

I'm Megan: wife to Tyler, mama to 3-year-old Morgan, former preschool teacher, and I'm the busy hands behind 10th Floor Treasures. My list of favs includes gardening (aka pulling weeds), biking (with the kiddo in tow), and Malley's chocolate.

Metal stamping is not the same as machine engraving. I line up each letter one-by-one and hammer it into the metal by hand... and repeat.

Most metal is cut by hand from sheet with metal shears or a jeweler's saw and then I file, shape, design, and polish. 

busy hands

meet Megan

Years ago, my sister asked me to make her a medical alert bracelet, so I tried metal stamping. It quickly became a favorite skill that I’ve expanded into creating simple, charming jewelry and gifts that encourage positivity and highlight what you treasure. 

10th Floor Treasures began with a medical alert bracelet, but has evolved to include so much more. Personalized jewelry – especially rings, necklaces, and bracelets – have been the cornerstone, but personalized baby spoons, framed birth announcements, and encouraging running shoe tags have become fast favorites among 10th Floor fans. New styles and pieces are being created year-round, too!​​